An universal ID with deterministic and GDPR compliant data

Individuals are difficult to recognise online. They are different people on different devices, browsers, locations and over time. This is a challenge in digital advertising and marketing because it is more difficult to personalise content, manage the amount of ads and type of content they have been exposed to and to attribute the right value to marketing spend. As a result, people see too many ads and often irrelevant content.

Faktor is solving these challenges by bridging the login and advertising space and turning the ecosystem upside down.

With the Faktor.ID marketeers can access unique anonymous user ID’s at scale that:

  • are combined with validated deterministic data;
  • recognise anindividual across devices and browsers;
  • are persistent: the ID will not disappear like cookies;
  • can be enriched with ‘own’ data;
  • are actionable in the ad tech space;
  • are decentralized – the ID doesn’t exist on a central server and no one owns it;
  • if combined with the Consent Management Platform, are user controlled;
  • if combined with the Consent Management Platform, have federated consent over multiple domains (GDPR compliance).
An universal ID with deterministic and GDPR compliant data


The Faktor.ID enterprise solution connects directly to existing CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) providers and will work independently. It is based on email addresses, that are encrypted.

By making use of the Faktor.ID existing technology is enhanced, having much stronger data and the ability to engage with real people at scale, resulting in significantly higher revenues.

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