Privacy Analytics

One of the requirements of the GDPR is that the data controller needs to have a contractual relationship in place with all companies that can collect data from their users. This means that site owners (who are data controllers) need to have an overview of the companies that set cookies from their site on an individual’s device.

Due to the complex digital ecosystem, publishers often have no idea which companies are able to collect data and hence it is not clear with whom the contract needs to be arranged.

Faktor has broad knowledge and extensive experience in the technical advertising space and understands the ecosystem as no one else.

We offer site owners Privacy Analytics, consisting of the following:

Hands on

Report: an analysis and overview per url of the companies that can potentially collect data.
Reality Check: which companies are adding value and which are not. We aim to optimise all third party data collectors with little to no revenue loss.
Conclusion: overview of companies that require a Data Processing Agreement or another type of contract.

Technology (CookieScanner)

A virtual assistant that visits your site at regular intervals and reports cookies to you. The CookieScanner detects cookies across different devices, browsers and locations. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a smart proxy system to prevent ad technologies to see the scanner as a bot.

Virtual Cookie Scanning

An essential step towards GDPR compliance

Privacy Analytics saves publishers, e-commerce and brands time and energy and ensures the right processes around GDPR are in place. Combined with our hands on services we make sure there’s little to no revenue impact.

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