Consent Management Platform (CMP)

Privacy Manager

Privacy Manager is a Consent Management (CMP) solution for all third party trackers on your site. It enables every site to fully comply to the GDPR and other data protection and privacy regulations.

One Solution for all third party trackers

CMP is build on the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework and ‘non IAB’ vendors can be managed through the Custom Vendor List.

Self Service Platform

Through the Self Service Platform you can quickly set up the CMP and always have full control over the settings.

Highly Customizable

Choose your CMP position: top, bottom, modal or headless and customize your branding.

Audit Trail

Ensure full transparency and query the historical consent logs for proof of consent through the Self Service Platform.

Persistent Consent Management

CMP is available for In-App, Mobile and Desktop and consent can be managed across devices and websites.

Strong ad tech support

The team has a strong background in ad technology and can help sites to maintain their advertising revenue.

Self Service Platform

Easily activate the CMP through our Self Service Platform: copy the code for your site or tag manager, choose your settings, customize the branding and you are ready to go!

Through the Self Service Platform you can also view insights around the CMP, access your audit trail, manage your billing and check the latest release notes.


Vendor Management/Selection

Tag Management Set Up

AdTechnology Reviews

Third party vendor tracking and consent management can be quite complex. The way your technology is set up is crucial to comply to the GDPR while maintaining revenue. Next to our standard support, we therefore offer the following types of services.

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Why Consent Management

Consent is one of the six legal bases for the processing of personal data under the GDPR. It is needed for many cases in the marketing and advertising industry, as personal data now includes cookies and other device and online identifiers (IP addresses, IDFA, AAID, etc.).

Another difference of the GDPR in comparison with previous privacy laws is that data processing based on consent must not start before consent has been given affirmatively and the rules around consent are much stricter. Consent under the GDPR needs to be freely given, specific, explicit, informed and unambiguous. There are various details that need to be asked for consent, such as the purpose of data processing, type of data and the responsible data controllers. This means that consumers can’t just click ‘OK’ on a cookie banner anymore, but that their permission needs to be a lot more explicit. Furthermore, consent needs to be as equally easy to give, as to withdraw.


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