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A consistent and easy to use Consent Management Platform

Consent is one of the six legal bases for the processing of personal data under the GDPR. It is needed for many cases in the marketing and advertising industry, as personal data now includes cookies and other device and online identifiers (IP addresses, IDFA, AAID, etc.).

Another difference of the GDPR in comparison with previous privacy laws is that data processing based on consent must not start before consent has been given affirmatively and the rules around consent are much stricter. Consent under the GDPR needs to be freely given, specific, explicit, informed and unambiguous. There are various details that need to be asked for consent, such as the purpose of data processing, type of data and the responsible data controllers. This means that consumers can’t just click ‘OK’ on a cookie banner anymore, but that their permission needs to be a lot more explicit. Consent needs to be as equally easy to give, as to withdraw. If every site owner is going to ask for this permission in their own way, it will not improve the customer user experience when browsing the web.

At Faktor we believe consent should be managed in a consistent way, through a personal interface that is simple and easy to use.

Faktor offers a CMP

Consent Management Platform

Faktor offers a Consent Management Platform (CMP) in which users can manage their consent and preferences for advertising and marketing. Companies can offer the Privacy Manager to their visitors to ensure GDPR compliance for digital advertising, reduce data leakage and to empower their users. The Privacy Manager is fully compliant with the GDPR Privacy & Consent Framework provided by IAB Europe and uses blockchain for full accountability and trust.

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Benefits to site owners

  • Ensure GDPR compliance for marketing and advertising data;
  • Offer your visitors a simple and consistent way to manage consent;
  • Combined with the Faktor.ID the Privacy Manager enables persistent consent management across all devices and websites;
  • If desired, companies can easily share data with other companies and couple this to a commercial model where the user is involved.

Benefits to consumers

  • Control over privacy & data;
  • One place to manage consent;
  • Incentives (access to content, credits, loyalty);
  • Better advertising experience.

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