Under the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), consumers will obtain five rights with regards to their personal data (which includes IP and cookie data): Right to Access, to Change, to Erase, to Portability and to Complain.

The Faktor Platform helps online entities to comply to the GDPR by featuring a decentralised data infrastructure, where the consumer controls the data and has full access. It’s only fair.

Privacy Analytics

A tool for websites to scan, monitor and analyse cookies, generate and manage Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) and to keep cookie information up to date.

The Identity Network

Through this network companies can access and contribute to a decentralised Consumer Controlled Identifier. The identifier is paired with demographic data, is persistent across devices and is validated by the contributors. Most importantly, the Consumer Controlled Identifier enables people to have control over their data.

Consent & Privacy Manager

A tool that is consistent across web and in-app, with which consumers can manage their online advertising data and set their preferences. Companies can implement this consent manager to ensure GDPR compliancy for advertising. Combined with The Identity Network it enables persistent consent management across all devices.

Micropayments & Incentives

A technology that provides a micropayments infrastructure for publishers to give consumers access to content and offer incentives for sharing their data.

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