Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), consumers will obtain five rights with regards to their personal data (which includes IP addresses and cookie data): Right to Access, to Change, to Erase, to Portability and to Complain.

Faktor helps companies to comply with the GDPR by featuring a decentralised data infrastructure, where the user controls the settings and enjoys full access to their data. It’s only fair.

Privacy Analytics

Meet Emma, your virtual assistant that visits your site at selected regular intervals and reports all cookies to you. Emma detects cookies across different devices, browsers and locations. Emma is even smart enough to bypass your Cookiewall. She uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a smart proxy system to prevent ad technologies from seeing her as a bot.

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Privacy Manager (CMP)

One consistent Consent Management Platform (CMP) for consumers across the web to manage their consent and set preferences for advertising and marketing. Companies can implement the Privacy and Consent Manager to ensure GDPR compliance for digital advertising, reduce data leakage, maintain revenue and to empower their users. The Privacy Manager is inline with the Transparency & Consent Framework provided by IAB Europe and the IAB Tech Lab, but also features Custom Vendor Lists, Audit Trail and full customisation.

Combined with the consumer controlled Faktor.ID the Privacy Manager enables persistent consent management across all devices and websites.

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A decentralised consumer controlled identifier for brands, e-commerce and publishers. The identifier can be paired with customer data, is persistent across devices and is validated by the contributor. Most importantly, the Consumer Controlled Identifier enables people to have control over their data. Start working with the Faktor.ID and bring together all your data sources (CRM, DMP, DSP, SSP, Login) for a holistic view on your customers, GDPR compliance and overall improved accuracy and security.

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Privacy Analytics

An essential step towards GDPR compliance

Privacy Analytics saves publishers, e-commerce and brands time and energy and ensures the right processes around GDPR are in place. Combined with our hands on services we make sure there’s little to no revenue impact.

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